Thank you so much for taking the time to apply for 1 of 10 slots of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Mastermind. This Mastermind is dedicated to using a 6 week moon cycle to release what no longer serves you, set powerful actionable intentions, connect with a creative community of passionate entrepreneurs and have me to guide and share my 10+ years in business! I look forward to having you and cannot wait to review your application. I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a call! Love and Light Courtney Bentley
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Website/Social Handle:

How did you find out about this opportunity?

What is your primary financial goal for the next 90 days?

Why is now the time to invest in your business?

Do you know about the moon cycles and have you ever used them to support your business goals?

Why do you want to be apart of the Fit Fierce and Fabulous Mastermind? (the more detailed the better)

How would it feel to be supported with a community and a coach?

What would it look like for you to accomplish your goal by the end of 2018?

What is one goal you want to accomplish in 6 weeks that feels scary now but you know it needs to happen in order for you to step into the next level for your business?

What value/experience can you offer to the other members?

Anything else I should know?

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form! Look out for an email from Seeing where you want to go and how I can support you helps me to see if you are a good fit for the Fit Fierce and Fabulous Mastermind Experience! I will be in touch with you shortly with a link to book a call to discuss your submission further if I feel you are a good fit for the mastermind! Love and Light Courtney Bentley

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